Cathie Wood Reaffirms Her $1.5M Bitcoin Price Target

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Cathie Wood Reaffirms Her $1.5M Bitcoin Price Target

In a recent podcast interview, Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood reaffirmed her previous bullish stance on Bitcoin (BTC) seeing a price value of $1.5 million. Cathie Wood discusses the macro position on why individuals purchase Bitcoin and how innovation generates returns for traders.

Wood’s Bitcoin Bullish Forecast

One key factor raised by Wood that has helped propel Bitcoin’s price recently is the growing institutional interests fueled by the launch of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) in the United States. She emphasized that many individuals are now becoming aware of what Bitcoin represents courtesy of the ETF launch.

Despite macroeconomic factors such as interest rates threatening the global economy, Wood stated that Ark Invest sees Bitcoin as a risk-on and risk-off asset. According to the CEO, Bitcoin has consistently inched up in the past whenever the fear of a debt crisis looms. She cited the bank implosion which led to the License.

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Cathie Wood Reaffirms Her $1.5M Bitcoin Price Target