Coinbase Signals Support for Stader with Potential Listing

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Coinbase Signals Support for Stader with Potential Listing

American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Global Inc (NASDAQ: COIN) has extended its support to Stader (SD), the primary cryptocurrency of the Stader Labs platform. The firm announced its plans to add the coin to its listing roadmap. In a rather expected move, the news has caused an uproar in the crypto ecosystem, evident in the price surge that the coin saw earlier.

Coinbase Fueling the Bullish Stader Performance

Top exchange listings are crucial for the visibility of digital assets due to the significant impact that they have. Coinbase is one of the leading players in the crypto sector, therefore, bagging a listing on the platform is a significant win for Stader. The coin is utilized for governance and transaction payments within the Stader ecosystem.

Right after Coinbase’s announcement, SD saw more than a 50% surge as it registered a new high of $0.8507. At the time of this writing, the coin has settled at $0.6678 with a 64.84% increase within the last 24 hours. This is still an impressive price gain for the Stader coin. Additionally, the token’s weekly performance has displayed a positive sentiment with up to a 15% price appreciation over a period of se... shares this Content with Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) License.

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Coinbase Signals Support for Stader with Potential Listing