Targets High Net-Worth Traders with Prime Program Launch

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Coinspeaker Targets High Net-Worth Traders with Prime Program Launch, a Singapore-based digital assets trading platform has recently made a bold move by launching its Prime program, a strategic initiative aimed at attracting wealthy traders with exclusive benefits and incentives.’s Prime Campaign

The cornerstone of the Prime campaign is an uncapped 1% bonus on all eligible deposits made by Prime members during the campaign period. This enticing offer allows wealthy traders to earn rewards based on the amount they deposit, further enhancing the appeal of the Prime program.

Additionally, the Prime offering includes a suite of benefits such as near-zero trading fees, institutional-grade trading, deep liquidity, $1 million account protection, unlimited fiat transfers, bespoke inheritance and tax services, a dedicated relationship manager, and the Prime card.

However, gaining access to the Prime program is not open to everyone. It is invite-only and requires a minimum deposit of $1 million, highlighting its targeted appeal to a select group of high-net-worth traders. Eligible users must activate their Prime membership within the App to participate in the campaign, wh... shares this Content with License.

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