InfStones Fixes Vulnerabilities Identified by dWallet Labs

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InfStones Fixes Vulnerabilities Identified by dWallet Labs

Blockchain infrastructure provider InfStones has announced its success in fixing vulnerabilities identified in its system by security firm dWallet Labs.

dWallet Labs reportedly found susceptibilities in InfStones’ validators. According to dWallet Labs, it detected the threats while preparing a research paper on attacking blockchain networks and collecting private keys with Web2 attacks.

“A chain of vulnerabilities we discovered and exploited during our research allowed us to gain full control, run code, and extract private keys of hundreds of validators on multiple major networks,” it noted.

Were the vulnerabilities exploited, dWallet asserted the attacker would have gained access and control of the private keys of validators for several blockchain networks. dWallet noted crypto assets – worth about one billion dollars – could have been lost through this process.

InfStones Acknowledges Vulnerabilities, Disputes Extent

While acknowledging the threat, InfStones disputed the figures quoted. The blockchain infrastructure provider stated that the vulnerabilities only affected a fraction of their launched live nodes.

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InfStones Fixes Vulnerabilities Identified by dWallet Labs