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A Day Made of Blockchain

A Day Made of Blockchain

You may keep hearing that “blockchain is everywhere.”  However, you may not be able to see how it is already affecting your daily life.  Blockchain interacting with the average person seems like a future scenario, but it’s much closer than you may realize.  In fact, there are many blockchain platforms with recent, working innovations that will explode in popularity as 2022 sees mass adoption.  We thought it might be interesting to fast forward a mere 12 months and imagine a world where working blockchain solutions have experienced widespread adoption. How will you interact with them, what benefits will they provide, and what do we have to look forward to?

Let’s dive in as we experience January 2023 and a Day Made of Blockchain.

A Day Made of Blockchain

It’s 6:30 a.m., and your alarm informs you the day has begun.  While blockchain hasn’t made getting up in the morning miraculously easy, you get out of bed, start the coffee, and use your on-chain biometric security to log in.  After nearly forgetting your wallet password and seeing the security benefits, you opted for a bio-secure sign-in that uses a combination of your fingerprint, voice, and face, all stored in your possession but able to unlock your portfolio.

Once you open up your wallet and portfolio, you glance through the analytics to see how some of your investments have been performing.  You have some tokens that are working in a yield farm, which provides a decent return.  You are using some automated positions with leverage on a few tokens you think will jump any day now, but if they drop you also have built-in stop measures to minimize losses. You had relied on traditional “data oracles” to feed you the most up to date prices, but you’ve found that the new batch of AI Oracles from Oraichain are faster because they are built into your smart contracts, and they can offer more in the way of analytics, data, and predictions using their AI algorithms. shares this Content with License.

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