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Antares Features And Advantages

Antares Features And Advantages

Antares is an investment platform that lets participants choose from an array of profitable products that suit them the most. Marketing programs differ in profitability and other conditions, with new products being better than the old ones. Thanks to its referral program, users can build a partner structure that will work with all marketing plans at the same time.

The Antares platform is available to private and legal entities from anywhere in the world. Only the proven yield programs that have passed the audit procedure on 138 variables get to be featured in the financial ecosystem. If the company continues following this path of development, experts estimate the user base to reach and even surpass 25,000,000 people.

Currently there are 12 investment programs, each with its own unique features. Below is a quick overview for some of them:

  • Token Profit Team. Includes a linear compensation marketing plan based on Antares growth. The ecosystem already features a wallet, payment service, acquiring, cryptocurrency exchange and coin price monitoring. The platform also plans to launch brokerage, trading school, etc.
  • Binary Profit Team. Includes a binary marketing plan centered around the Catalyst investment company. Investments into this product are evenly distributed among one hundred professional and profitable traders who work in a variety of trending markets. Catalyst is a well-known organization, established in 1994.
  • Coin Profit Team. Includes a linear marketing plan built around the budding Boco Coin cryptocurrency. This is a decentralized coin designed primarily for payments. Boco Coin has a number of ready-to-use solutions such as their own blockchain, cryptocurrency (BCC), Boco Coin wallet, etc.

Each product page features all the necessary technical and financial details you may want to know.

In addition to that, Antares offers both private and legal entities an entire range of other financial services: product audit, web development, process optimization, payment gateway integration, and financial consulting. The company is registered in Hong Kong, and is not being regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong as it would reduce the yield of investment programs.

How to make money?

All operations are done through the user’s personal dashboard. You can invest either crypto or fiat money in the market plan of your choice. The latter option is facilitated by the platform’s partnership with an international exchange service called Interchange. Every transaction done between investors is routed through Antares. This way the company validates trades between investors and receives commission for its support services. Some transactions are paid for by investors, some — by partner companies. The returns can be reinvested to continue snowballing profits.

Antares has a proprietary risk management system — partners are chosen based on a careful analysis of their business reputation. Partnerships with unscrupulous companies are out of question. Nonetheless, Antares is not liable for any loss of funds arising from bankruptcy of any third party.

Additional features

Platform users can trade $AND digital tokens using the integrated marketplace. To protect clients and partners the company has created an affiliate company —  Antares Capital Protection Ltd. It provides clients with insurance against some financial risks. The affiliate company itself is risk-free since it doesn’t participate in trading. The fund is protected and acts as the company’s registered capital.

Antares has also launched its business school based on the principle of Lifelong Learning. The principle is to center the learning process around a number of key realities of the modern world in mind: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. This is the most straightforward path towards success. shares this Content with License.

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