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Ethereum Software Company Consensys Collects User Data, Privacy Policy Discloses

Ethereum Software Company Consensys Collects User Data, Privacy Policy Discloses

Crypto users have been complaining about a recent Consensys privacy policy update that says when Infura is leveraged as a remote procedure call (RPC) via Metamask, wallet and IP address data is collected. The news follows a similar decision the decentralized exchange (dex) platform Uniswap recently made concerning data collection. The dex platform’s operator, Uniswap Labs, revealed that the company’s software collects its users’ onchain data to bolster “data-driven decisions that improve user experience.”

Consensys Privacy Policy Reveals User Data Collection

The digital currency community and the social media demographic known as ‘crypto Twitter’ (CT), has been talking an awful lot about Consensys’ privacy policy. The privacy policy applies to the firm’s Ethereum infrastructure platform Infura and the Web3 wallet Metamask.

According to the policy, if a user leverages Infura and an RPC using Metamask, the software will collect the user’s crypto address and IP information. Infura, however, is Metamask’s default RPC provider and another RPC can be utilized. For instance, if a user operates its own node. Users can also switch to another RPC like Tatum, Moralis, Alchemy, and Quicknode.

"ConsenSys is committed to maintaining the highest standards when it comes to your privacy"

Also, we collect basically every available piece of data from you other than a DNA sample.

If you aren't using a custom RPC for Metamask, I'd suggest doing so now.

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