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Moon: The New Interplanetary Metaverse For NFTs

Moon: The New Interplanetary Metaverse For NFTs

The cryptocurrency industry has experienced huge growth in the ten years of its existence. The total market cap is now over $2 trillion and still growing. NFTs, a much newer ecosystem is growing at an unprecedented rate too. With several metaverses emerging, this ecosystem has the potential to grow much more in the near future.

A gaming company, is taking NFTs and gaming to the next level with a trip to the moon. The company is creating a metaverse known as Moon which is interplanetary. The metaverse, unlike any other, is based on Earth’s satellite.

Gamers will be able to interact with the virtual metaverse which includes virtual lands on the moon’s surface. They can then develop the lands in the line of economy, military strength, etc, and sell on supported crypto exchanges at a higher value. There are 26,000 HEX virtual land plots, represented by NFTs, covering the entire lunar surface.

There is also a play-to-earn system that rewards top players for winning competitions. Winners will be rewarded for creating value in their countries, overpowering competitors via wars, alliances, and superior economic performance. Land NFTs are a rare, non-replicable, and finite resource. There are special functions in the game such as special building materials, weaponry, know-how boosts, that players can harness to develop their lands to give them more value.

Players also have other “resources” such as extra oxygen supplies, mining tools, moon-adapted excavating equipment, and more that can boost their performance in the game. With an innovative way of looking at NFTs and an adventure on the moon, Moon hopes to reward participants in the metaverse and to become the number one platform for NFTs in the future. shares this Content with License.

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