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Solana-Based Secretum Explores Growing Its Presence In Asia And Africa

Solana-Based Secretum Explores Growing Its Presence In Asia And Africa

Secretum, a Solana-based decentralized messaging app is exploring the growing market in Asia and Africa.

The platform was created to allow users to exchange messages and trade cryptocurrencies as easily as sending an SMS. According to the company, the large number of unbanked communities combined with the increased use of mobile transfers makes Secretum the perfect solution for the Asia and Africa markets.

Over the last twelve months, the Asian and African markets have seen tremendous growth. Between July 2020 and June 2021, the cryptocurrency market in Africa saw a total of $105.6 billion worth of crypto assets traded, signifying a growth rate of over 1200% growth rate. Currently, among the top 10 countries by crypto adoption in 2021, six are either from Africa or Asia.

Notably, most of these transactions were peer-to-peer (P2P), which have provided a better alternative to the current financial challenges. Currently, Asians and Africans are turning to crypto due to a lack of proper economic structure, unstable fiat currencies, and expensive remittance systems.

Secretum is the first and only decentralized encrypted messaging and over-the-counter trading platform. Firstly, the platform allows its users to send encrypted messages stored on verified nodes in the Secretum network. Thanks to a proprietary P2P trading protocol, Secretum further enables direct P2P trading between users of all types of crypto assets. The messaging platform also provides security of data. All a user need to get started is their crypto wallet address. The anonymous nature of the medium prevents risks such as private data leaks and government interferences, a common phenomenon in Africa and Asia countries. 

In addition to the messaging app, Secretum also has an intuitive and purely P2P trading interface that allows users to send and receive crypto and Non-fungible tokens. This service offers low transaction fees with almost instant trades. Notably, through the Solana blockchain, users enjoy up to 50,000 transactions per second at an average of $0.00025 per transaction. 

Secretum also allows users to invest in validated crypto assets and projects safely. Users can use the platform to develop advanced trading applications to manage and invest in crypto assets. It is worth mentioning that after staking their tokens, users are rewarded with the native SER token. The token’s utility rewards users who message and provides nodes to expand the overall network. Users also get to enjoy high liquidity, NFT trading, and high user-friendliness through the platform. shares this Content with License.

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