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StickerYou Is Leading The Trend Of Small To Medium-sized E-comm Businesses Moving Into Omnichannel Strategies.

The Internet has improved how business operate and how consumers connect through virtual stores. The concept is simple, yet effective; a simple website that displays images of products or services, along with details, any one online could access the website, the e-store is not physically limited to one street or market. The whole world is now a single market, a true global village.

According to statistics, nearly 2.85 trillion US dollars’ worth of sales accounted for eCommerce in 2018. This large number is growing rapidly and is expected to cross 5 trillion mark in 2022. Giants such as Amazon and AliBaba have shown that eCommerce businesses can be scaled to any level, regardless of where the company actually operates from.


StickerYou is an eCommerce store that specializes in offering custom made products, taking advantage of the online retail experience. In a brick and mortar situation, the company would not have been able to offer a vast range of products to customers. The existence of a shop or an outlet would have meant it would have concentrated on attracting customers to come physically to their shop.

The retailer offers custom made stickers, labels, temporary tattoos, decals, magnets and other patches. Using its online presence, the store has been able to display its offerings to customers beyond physical borders to reach out to an unlimited number of people.

Bricking Through the Omnichannel

The power of connecting to customers through online presence cannot be denied. Even the most stickler of organizations have been forced to admit that online existence is now a must for survival. Companies that exist solely on the internet have it all covered. Without a physical location, they already cut down on their expenses as they do not have to pay for rent and other expenses associated with staying in a premises.

Recently, however, a rising trend has been observed. Pure virtual companies have started to do the reverse of traditional organizations. As they already exist in the virtual world, these companies are now opening up physical retail points.

Expanding from the virtual to the brick and mortar world, these companies are doing what is called Omnichannel Strategy. This had become important for online retailers since customers are becoming more conscious on the products they are seeking. Online shopping means that tangible products are shown through pictures. The customer is always wary since he or she has no idea on the real quality of the product. Indeed, the online community is full of people who are complaining about products they bought online, where something else was displayed for sale and the received product was of inferior quality, counterfeit or not as per description.

Omnichannel strategy is helping online stores give a chance to potential customers to visit and physically check out their products. The confidence built leads to an increase in sales.

StickYou Omnichannel Strategy

StickerYou, a purely virtual custom manufacturer, is leading the trend of small to medium-sized e-comm businesses moving into omnichannel strategies and has announced that it is opening its first brick and mortar store. The store offers a wide variety of stickers, decals and other custom made imagery that can be used in hundreds of situations. By opening its own physical store, StickerYou gives customers a chance to come and experience the products.

The store will be opening in late July or early August this year. StickerYou has already selected the location and is currently working at a good pace to get it up and ready for customers. It will open up in Canada, at 677-679 Queen Street West, Toronto. The store will be an experience for people as it will display its tangible products on the walls,  showcasing real time quality of not only the printing, but the glue and quality of materials. Customers will not only be able to see all the designs the company offers, but a dedicated design kiosk will allow them to create their own custom design in no time.

The outside of the store will be decorated with a three story tall vinyl graphic, thanks to their collaboration with one of the largest applied sciences companies, 3M. The outlet will also have a museum that will display a detailed history of stickers and how they evolved into the modern form. In order to promote art and artists, the store will also act as an exhibition for artists all around the world, including noted talents such as Shepard Fairey and Matthew Hoffman.

Visit the website to for more updates and the exact date of the opening of the StickerYou store:

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